Career Online High School

Every 26 seconds another student gives up on high school. Today, some 40 million adults lack their high school diploma, limiting their job prospects and earning potential.

Education fuels transformation.

Career Online High School is the most effective high school completion program available today and is the only online resource that allows adults to earn an accredited high school diploma and a credentialed career certificate.

More effective for college readiness. Career Online High School helps students become college-and career-ready. Seventy-eight percent of graduates enroll in post-secondary education.

More useful for employment. Students earn a certificate in a high-growth, high-demand career field, along with a resume, cover letter, and other tools for job preparation.

More support for every student. Adult learners benefit from academic, career, and technical support throughout the program, and graduates receive career development services.

Hear a student's story of success.

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