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In Charleston our team will be unveiling our latest innovations—here’s a sneak peek.

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Special events and our sessions in Charleston
Gale's Digital Scholar Lab
Twentieth century primary sources
Platform innovations

Gale’s Digital Scholar Lab

The Digital Scholar Lab is now available! This research platform for the digital humanities removes key barriers of entry into digital scholarship and creates new possibilities in humanities research.

Twentieth Century Primary Sources

Through award-winning series’ like Archives of Sexuality and Gender and our latest release Political Extremism and Radicalism in the Twentieth Century we are supporting historical research into contemporary topics like no other publisher. Our suite of twentieth century archives provide critical historical context needed in the conversations happening on campuses today.

Relentless Platform Innovation

Through continuous refinement of our technology based on feedback from users and library partners, we’re working to facilitate innovation in scholarly research that improves outcomes.

Our Sessions

This year we’ll be presenting three unique sessions:

  • The Digital Scholarship Strata: Exploring Options to Support the Widest Cross-Section of the Student and Scholarly Body
  • Intersectionality: How the Definition Has Evolved and How Libraries Can Support the Conversation
  • The Next Big Thing: Empowering Campus Entrepreneurs