Leveraging data from three apps (Marketing Action-Patron, Marketing Action-Non-Patrons, and Patron Profiles) the Analytics On Demand dashboard, powered by Tableau Reader, gives users the ability to transform patron data, drill down into rich visuals, and create custom mailing lists. Embrace data-driven decision-making and unlock insights about your community today.


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Drive your decisions with data.
Analytics On Demand is an online suite of analytic modules, or apps, that allow you to quickly and easily glean specific patron insights and learn about your community. Thanks to household-level segmentation, you can focus outreach efforts where they’re needed most.

Ongoing access to customizable reports.
Handle your own data, select your own criteria for analysis, and manage your own reports. Refresh data often to evaluate how you’re doing and understand your community better than ever. Upload your data to the Analytics On Demand dashboard to drill down into the report visuals; move maps indicating patron households, target certain demographics, and download custom mailing lists based on your selections.


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Problem solving for all library sizes.
Analytics On Demand is both impactful and affordable. Public libraries can purchase apps on an annual subscription basis and choose only what they need. Apps available include:

  • Patron Profile
  • Collection Intelligence
  • eBooks & Audiobooks
  • Marketing Action (Patrons)
  • Marketing Action (Non-Patrons)
  • Branch Insights
  • Patron Voter Analysis