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The Making of the Modern World, Part III: 1890-1945 carries Gale’s celebrated digital collection into the middle of the twentieth century. This collection is comprised largely of monographs and periodicals from the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature which is held at the Senate House Library of the University of London, offering transnational coverage in an area of vital interest to historians—political economy. The archive supports research on essential topics, such as world trade, finance and capital formation, transportation and the growth of cities, industrialization, imperialism and colonialism, socialism, labor and poverty, and other areas of study.

The Making of the Modern World, Part III partially overlaps chronologically, but does not duplicate the title list in Part II—and contains materials that are only now out of copyright and could therefore not have been included in the previous parts of the series. With full-text search capability of rare, digitized primary source materials, this expansive collection provides researchers with a new perspective on the rise of globalization.

All three The Making of the Modern World collections are now available on a more modern interface that delivers an improved user experience which allows:

  • Unlimited page download
  • Term frequency and additional text analysis support
  • Plain text available to support Digital Scholarship
  • Downloading and printing entire documents
  • Features Term Frequency and Clustering