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An online collection of 23 premier directories providing information on companies, publishers, associations, and more—giving access to sources that are unavailable or difficult to find on the internet.


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Empower Understanding

A trusted resource for over 60 years

Customize your digital collection, choosing from 23 long-standing directories, to meet the unique needs of your community. Plus, you own the titles like a book collection, while they function much like a database.

Empower Insight

Put data in their hands

Researchers and marketers alike will enjoy the unparalleled functionally, having the ability to cross-search content among their library’s collection of directories to analyze, sort, filter, and export data.

Empower Access

New look and powerful features

With a major new enhancement to the interface, additional workflow tools, and improved search and export capabilities in place, this popular collection of online directories is easier to use than ever before.