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Offer students a more direct path to success with on-the-go access to scholarly research materials through an intuitive platform designed for undergraduate level research.


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Empower Understanding
Why Gale Researcher
Students who establish information literacy competency early in their undergraduate years are more likely to succeed academically and professionally. Gale Researcher provides the scholarly content and technology-fueled tools students need to improve their ability to find, evaluate, and apply a range of sources in their research and coursework.

By aligning peer-reviewed articles to the scope and sequence of introductory college courses, Gale Researcher creates a simple but sophisticated research path for students looking to foster a deeper understanding of the most-studied topics.

Within each area of study, Gale Researcher allows you to:

  • Offer students an authoritative foundation from which to explore topics and begin research projects.
  • Improve undergraduate research skills through efficient searches, search guidance, and respected sources.
  • Integrate materials that are freely available through the library into instruction with ease.
  • Customize resources by adding useful links to additional articles, essays, and videos.
  • Support other valuable needs like the ability to highlight, annotate, download, share, and more.
Empower Outcomes
Features & Tools

Help Students Find Citable Resources Connect the Classroom to
the Library
Save Time and See Better

Gale Researcher helps students discover credible content written and produced by experts, including article summaries that provide journal-like abstract overviews and streaming videos from the Associated Press, PBS, BBC, and other trusted sources. Connects all your Gale resources, like GVRL books and Academic OneFile journals, to library collections, enhancing the accessibility and value of library holdings. To further strengthen their collections, librarians can customize Gale Researcher by adding relevant links to outside resources and non-Gale holdings. Gale Researcher puts reliable, citable information all in one place—at students' fingertips. Now, faculty and librarians can direct students to one encompassing source of information and save the time it takes to compile and map individual resources.
Empower Inspiration
Areas of Study
Students can browse through an area of study and become inspired to further their research and discover new ideas through interlinks and other resources. Scholarly research content is available in subjects such as:

American Literature Economics Psycology Western Civilization
British Literature Philosophy Sociology World History
Criminal Justice Political Science U.S. History