Introducing Research In Context

The well-known Gale In Context suite of resources has expanded to include a product specifically for middle school researchers, bringing together authoritative content in a variety of formats on one modern, student-friendly, and mobile-responsive interface.

Student Tested, Librarian Approved

Gale’s Research In Context is designed to bridge the gap between the Kids InfoBits resource for elementary school students and the subject-specific Gale In Context family, developed primarily for high school and undergraduate students.

Students in grades 6 to 8 will benefit from an interface that delivers the highly visual design and navigation preferred by younger users combined with the authoritative content and user-focused tool set needed to support middle school assignments and coursework.

The Research In Context user experience is designed to support the developing information and digital literacy skills of the average middle school student, drawing from:

  • User testing with users aged 11 to 13
  • Librarian and teacher feedback
  • An extensive body of user experience research and usage data we've gathered over years of developing elementary and high school resources
  • Analysis of middle school curriculum standards and popular lesson plans

Research in Context is approachable for younger students who are ready for more advanced research, as well as high school students who are still developing key skills.

Cross-Disciplinary and Curriculum-Aligned Content

Bringing together content from the former Discovering Collection, Junior Reference Collection, Student Resource Center Jr., InfoTrac Junior Edition, and InfoTrac Junior Graphic Edition, Research In Context is cross-disciplinary in nature—spanning literature, science, social studies, and U.S. and world history.

  • Categories cover the most-studied topics—Cultures, government, people, U.S. history, sports, world history, geography, literature, science, and social issues – including nearly 300 topic pages and overviews on the subjects and social issues most studied by and relevant to middle school users as well as science experiments and contextual information for key works and documents
  • Engaging reference, periodical, and multimedia content—Books, images, biographies, audio, video, magazines, newspapers, creative works, primary sources, and more
  • Authoritative information sources—Proprietary Gale, UXL, and Lucent titles and content from leading sources like National Geographic, Scholastic, NPR, NASA, AP Video News, and others
  • Alignment to standards—Contains national and state curriculum standards for grades 6 to 12 in language arts, social studies, and science
  • New content written explicitly for middle schoolers—Topic overviews on the subjects and social issues most studied by and relevant to middle school users as well as science experiments and contextual information for key works and documents

Features Optimized to Support the Student Workflow

Today's researchers demand resources that are simple to navigate and quick to deliver the answers they need—when, where, and how they want them. Research In Context supports the student workflow with features like:

  • Seamless user login using Google Account credentials
  • Through integrated Google tools, once logged in, share and download articles - including highlights and notes - using Google Apps for Education tools like Drive and Docs
  • A mobile-responsive design, optimized for any device and screen size
  • Highlights and Notes, which allow users to select and highlight important text, add notes, and view, print, or export that information for easy project management
  • Content translation into 12 languages (including English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese) accommodating to diverse populations and ESL/ELL students
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology for 12 languages (including English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese)
  • Unlimited printing, emailing, and downloading of articles and media
  • MLA7, APA6, and EasyBib citation tools to facilitate understanding proper use of copyright materials

A Look Inside

A visually engaging homepage helps students easily navigate to featured content and subject categories.

With single sign-on capabilities, students can sign into Research in Context using their Google account credentials without having to remember a separate password. Any user with a Google account can use sign-in to save session information, and any email address can be used to create a Google account.

Mobile-responsive design delivers the best experience for researchers from any screen size or device. Great for providing content to support 1:1 or BYOD initiatives and students on the go. And engaging multimedia content from leading sources gives students the information they need, when and where they need it.

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