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Take students and educators beyond flat text with interactive 3D models and authoritative, curriculum-aligned digital content to help them live science, not just study it.

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy
Gale Interactive: Chemistry

High School
Gale Interactive: Science

Users can:

  • Investigate virtual dissections.
  • Explore chemical elements and reactions.
  • Examine cause-and-effect simulations of basic principles.
  • Immerse themselves in virtual research.

The Academic modules for Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy and Interactive: Chemistry, cover each topic in depth and are aligned to the scope and sequence of introductory college classes. The Gale Interactive: Science module for High School delivers a comprehensive view of the most-studied subjects that support high school science curriculum. Authoritative, high-quality media-rich digital content from resources such as Gale Science In Context, Grzimek’s Student, Academic OneFile, plus other content is integrated with interactive models to deliver a complete learning solution.

Immersed in Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Users can dive deep into concepts with tools to zoom, rotate and explore models. Clicking through each session displays relevant reference content related to the image, including the ability to search across content to find exactly what they are looking for. These powerful visual tools can be used for in-class demonstrations and help with homework or research assignments.

Additional product features include:

  • Self-quizzing capabilities at the end of session to review key concepts.
  • Guided interactive simulation lessons as well as anytime student/faculty interaction with models.
  • Ease of use on computers, laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, or a projector.
  • After authentication, access G Suite for Education tools like Drive and Docs, and Microsoft Office 365 tools like OneDrive and OneNote to easily share, download, and save content.
  • 3D printing with installed driver and an optional 3D printer to print teaching models for use directly in the classroom.

Interactive Learning Solutions for Colleges and High Schools

Academic Science Classes

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy and Interactive: Chemistry will follow syllabus topics covered in 1st and 2nd year college science courses in the following disciplines:

Human Anatomy and Chemistry

High School Science Classes

Gale Interactive: Science product provides curriculum-aligned resources to support high school science in the following disciplines:

Human Anatomy and Chemistry

Testimonials and Feedback

See what university chemistry instructors or support staff liked most about Interactive Chemistry:

“It serves as a supplement to course materials which is always welcomed by students.”

“It looks fantastic for helping students learn chemistry concepts. I think it would be great for the classroom and homework.”

"The demo of the atom sandbox definitely stands out.”

See what medical faculty at universities liked most about Interactive Human Anatomy:

“It puts all of the components together for the student to actually see rather than relying on individual pictures! This will make learning so much more fun and real! We need this!"

“Anything that makes anatomy come alive for students is awesome so they can visualize the internal organs and systems. I love the color and 3D imagery.”

See what high school librarians and media specialists liked most about Interactive Science:

“I liked the interactive feature. Our science teachers have embraced the inquiry methodology with students ‘doing’ science rather than ‘learning about’ science. I think it would really fit our curriculum.”

“Tech integration – the 21st century skills embedded within this system are invaluable…students must be fluent in this type of environment…”


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Gale Interactive: Chemistry
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