At Gale, we’re a on mission to empower learning. We believe the single most important thing we can do to improve outcomes, is to empower the people who share our same level of commitment and passion for discovery and learning: people like you. That’s why our entire lineup of industry-leading products is designed to help you support users with the ability to discover unique insights through advanced learning and research.


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Empower Insight

From grade school to academia and beyond, the users of Gale products are all learners looking to gain insight through research. We open that window by offering original, uniquely sourced content focused on educational outcomes, not just mass aggregation.

Empower Access

What good is information if you can’t access it? What good is access if it’s not user-friendly? That’s why our thoughtfully-designed products are intuitive and optimized to support shorter pathways to innovative thinking. They give you and your users access to the best information with the best possible results.

Empower Outcomes

Here to help you, help everyone. With a culture of excellence and innovation, and a history of advancing the research process through innovative solutions, we’re on your team to drive greater outcomes and provide greater value.