Large Print has been proven to help improve decoding, fluency, and comprehension. These factors, among, others ultimately help young readers obtain and develop the skills necessary to become successful, confident, lifelong readers.

Impacts of Large Print for Young Adult & Middle Readers

“Students who used to go to great lengths to avoid reading are now excited about what books we have to offer, and they are coming back to the library week after week to check out more of them. The large print format has made an unbelievable difference in our students’ ability to scan the words on the page . . .”

— Brenda Loew, Media Specialist, Carlyle High School, IL

“Although I bought large print books to help with the students with vision problems, all the students want them. It took me a moment to understand what was going on when I had so many requests for ‘books with big words.’ ”

— Sandy, Clinton Middle School, TN

“All students, not only the ones I had originally planned for this program, are liking the bigger font! . . . they all liked these books!”

— Heather McBride, La Cumbre Junior High School, Santa Barbara, CA

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THE ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL FONT (click arrow to expand)

Large Print is not JUST a bigger font size. It’s also proven to improve letter and word recognition, aid reading comprehension, and increase feelings of confidence and satisfaction when reading. Young readers can reap the following benefits from large print:

  • Decoding: With fewer words on a page, struggling readers are responsible for visually processing less per page. This makes it easier for them to decode and leads to substantial progress.
  • Fluency: Studies confirm that young readers show improved fluency as the additional white space between lines slows the eye and increases the care they take with the text.
  • Comprehension: Once decoding errors are eliminated and fluency improves, young readers can focus on the meaning of the text. Full comprehension leads to reading satisfaction.

These factors, among others, ultimately help young readers obtain and develop the skills necessary to become successful, confident, lifelong readers.

SAME SIZE BOOK. EASIER TO READ FORMAT (click arrow to expand)

If the font is bigger, it stands to reason the book will be bigger as well, right? In fact, large print titles are often the same size or smaller than their hardcover or trade paperback counterparts and weigh about the same as a traditional hardcover book.

By using thinner, higher quality paper and laying out the text to maximize the use of white space, Thorndike Press is able to produce large print titles that are comparable in size to other editions. As a bonus, our titles are also bound specifically for libraries — they’re made to last. (We guarantee it!)

In addition our large print books are:

  • Complete and unabridged
  • Produced with the same cover as the original edition
  • Designed so the words “Large Print” do not appear on the outside of the book
  • Set in 16-point type in jet-black ink on high-opacity paper


Adding large print to your library’s collection, geared towards younger readers, suggests that you will help them increase:

  • Reading frequency
  • Reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension
  • Academic achievement
  • Sensory Satisfaction
  • Sustained Reading

Large Print books are necessary ingredients in successful reading programs for young readers of all ages. More importantly, large print books aid struggling readers regardless of whether or not they’ve been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Large Print is a must have for to all reading programs and library collections.

Listen to a previously recorded webinar where school and public librarians speak to Engaging Reluctant Readers in Your Library.

Thorndike Press offers a wide selection of middle reader and young adult titles in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. With so many titles to select from all your young readers are sure to find something they will enjoy.

HELPFUL RESOURCES (click arrow to expand)

To learn more about the benefits of a larger font read our white paper that provides highlights on recent studies regarding the impact large print is having on students and adults in and out of formal educational settings.

Review our collected independent research summaries to learn how large print supports leisure reading and learning for all ages and abilities.

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Large Print titles are sure to appeal to young readers, whether they are struggling, proficient, or in between.

For more information about our Literacy Bridge titles or best pricing, contact your library sales consultant.