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The study of substances and the ways they interact, combine, and change should be anything but static. Interaction and change can applied to invigorate the study of chemistry with Gale Interactive: Chemistry, which follows syllabus topics covered in 1st and 2nd-year college science courses, such as the periodic table, molecules and compounds, reactions, and chemical processes.

Users can dive deep into concepts with tools to zoom, rotate, and explore models. Clicking through each session displays relevant reference content related to the image, including the ability to search across content to find exactly what they are looking for. These powerful visual tools can be used for in-class demonstrations and help with homework or research assignments.

Hear what university chemistry instructors or support staff liked most about Gale Interactive: Chemistry:

“It serves as a supplement to course materials, which is always welcomed by students.”

“It looks fantastic for helping students learn chemistry concepts. I think it would be great for the classroom and homework.”

"The demo of the atom sandbox definitely stands out.”

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Human Anatomy

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy is an innovative learning aid that allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research.

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