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Breaking the Ice - In the Classroom

Building a community within your classroom is an ideal way to promote student interaction and engagement, but it’s often easier said than done. A quick, easy way to create a spark that could lead to community building is to start off your course with an icebreaker on the first day.

Especially in first-year courses, group building can be a critical aspect of promoting classroom community. Often, these courses can be large class sessions, but starting any course off with an icebreaker activity can help you:

Click here to download an icebreaker from Constance Staley's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern. This activity will provide an interesting way to promote students getting to know one another, discover commonalities, and build community in your classroom.

Reference: Content adapted from Staley, Constance. 2003. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lectern. Belmont: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.