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Now offering integrated access to DemographicsNow, Small Business Resource Center and Gale LegalForms, putting additional resources and tools in the business planning workflow.


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Easy Access to Business Planning Resources

Entrepreneurs and existing business owners need access to a wide variety of information associated with planning, starting or managing a small business or nonprofit. With Gale Small Business Builder, your library can offer a direct path to select Gale business and legal resources that you subscribe to, making them even more discoverable.

As users move through the five areas of Gale Small Business Builder—Entrepreneur Profile, Business Ideation, Break-Even Analysis, Business Plans, and Financial Projects—they will encounter up to 400 highly-curated links to “Helpful Resources” that will inform and assist them in completing business planning activities.

For example, in the “Expenses” page of the Break-Even Analysis section, users can click on the “Helpful Resources” icon next to “Payroll” to reach selected articles from Small Business Resource Center on hiring and payroll considerations.

Gale Small Business Builder includes integrated access to:


Connect users with timely, actionable market research as well as demographic and consumer insights in targeted geographic locations.

Small Business Resource Center

Covers all aspects of starting and operating a business, and includes nearly 1000 sample business plans.


Help your library customers manage common legal procedures through access to thousands of authentic, professional, state-specific legal documents.