Let Data Do the Talking

What is your community trying to tell you?
When your library has accurate, up-to-date data about who is and isn’t using your library, there’s no limit to the insights you can gather and actions you can take. View the webinar, hosted by Booklist, where panelists discuss how they have taken actionable steps to target new populations, create new programs, advance their value to the community, allocate resources more efficiently, and measure the results.


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Empower Inspiration

Ensuring your library’s goals and initiatives supports households in your community is tricky. But, with Analytics On Demand, you can add value to your library’s existing data and unlock key insights about your community.

Empower Understanding

Leveraging software from Alteryx, Inc., a leader in data blending and advanced analytics, as well as information from proven external data sources, like U.S. Census and Experian’s Mosaic lifestyle segmentation, Analytics On Demand, provides ongoing access to detailed, customizable reports. You can map your patrons (and non-patrons) at the household level with demographic data - including lifestyle profiles, location, household consumption, length of residency, and more.

Empower Access

Leveraging data from three apps (Marketing Action-Patron, Marketing Action-Non-Patrons, and Patron Profiles) the Analytics On Demand dashboard gives users the ability to transform patron data, drill down into rich visuals, and create custom mailing lists. Embrace data-driven decision-making and unlock insights about your community today.