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Libraries help cultivate lifelong learning, advance the knowledge and strengthen the communities in which they serve. You provide and promote financial literacy, career coaching and development, health and wellness, and other skill development programs and resources to help enhance and improve lives.

The Life and Career Skills series aligns with those goals, providing foundational works with content that is easily accessible, visually appealing and highly digestible to a wide variety of users.

  • Volume 1 Personal Finance – Budgeting, credit cards, student loans, saving, interest, stocks, Social Security, retirement planning, taxes, buying/renting a home or apartment, mortgages, insurance
  • Volume 2 Employment – Educational opportunities, getting a job, interviewing, sources for finding work, career development, second/third careers
  • Volume 3 Health and Wellness – Principles of good nutrition, exercise, mental health, medical insurance
  • Volume 4 Social Skills – Social skills in personal (e.g. communication skills) and professional contexts (e.g. time management, dealing with ambiguity, self-direction)

Each volume includes approximately 50 topics, 30 anecdotal sidebars emphasizing the real-world life and career issues that people face in their daily lives, and an extensive resource section listing organizations, support groups, websites, and more.

Plus, you will get all the benefits of the GVRL platform

  • Mobile responsive and optimized for search and discovery
  • Unlimited access and persistent URLs frees you to integrate eBook content into your programming, with links that will never change
  • Supports differentiated learning and diverse communities with:
    • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology
    • Cover-to-cover PDF format, delivering a colorful, visual experience
    • Interface and article-level language translation—on screen and read aloud—delivers content in more than a dozen languages.