Your Library Can Change Lives

Career Online High School is an 18-credit vocation-based high school completion program that allows libraries to offer accredited high school diplomas and entry-level career certificates to adult learners. This innovative program is available at more than 100 public libraries from coast to coast. Yours can be next!

Why Career Online High School?

Hear why El Paso Public Library chose to offer this life-changing program.

Deliver Accredited High School Diplomas

Today, there are nearly 40 million adults, ages 18-65, who lack a high school education. Career Online High School, part of the world’s first accredited private online school district, can help adults realize their education and career goals.

Improve Job Prospects and Earning Potential

Students graduate with an accredited high school diploma and certificate in a high-growth, high-demand career field, along with a resume, cover letter, and other tools to start or advance their career.

Drive Positive Outcomes in Your Community

Not only does a high school diploma change the life of a student, it can improve the fabric of a community. Your library can play a key role in re-engaging adults back into the education system. Along with academic coaches, certified instructors, and technical support staff, help adults reach their full potential.


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