OWLv2 is an online solution that helps chemistry students to learn and master concepts. It provides interactive resources and activities aligned to your course with rich, dynamic problems and instant feedback.

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OWLv2 is a powerful online tool that uses a unique learning approach that enables students to master Chemistry, one concept at a time. Its interactive resources and homework problems allow students to explore and deepen their understanding of concepts with rich and dynamic activities that they can complete at their own pace.

Designed specifically to improve Chemistry grades, OWLv2 provides instant, detailed feedback to students and optimum practice opportunities to embed their understanding. It also allows you to track how your students are doing and quickly identify any that may require more help. Fully customisable, OWLv2 can be easily integrated into your LMS and your teaching, improving student and overall class performance.

OWLv2 improves Chemistry student outcomes

With its unique Mastering Learning approach, OWLv2 guarantees Chemistry success.
For more information, read the Case Study.
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