Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society

A Unique Collection for Studying the Nineteenth Century


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Empower Discovery

Help Researchers Examine Early Youth Culture from a New Vantage Point

Amateur Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society draws researchers into the world of America’s first youth subcultures. By providing newspaper writings as they appeared in their time, this resource gives researchers and students an unprecedented look at how adolescents in the 19th century viewed themselves and the world around them. Request a trial today and see how this unique collection will captivate your users.

Collection Facts:

  • Contains 80,000 pages of content from more than 3,000 individual newspapers. They cover a diverse range of topics that adolescents in the late 19th century would have found interesting.
  • Offers regional perspectives by including newspapers from every state in the continental United States and several from Canada.
  • Sourced from the American Antiquarian Society as part of an ongoing partnership with Gale to provide greater access to their collections.
  • Digitized from images—not microfilm— to provide better image quality and cleaner OCR text.
  • Supports cross searching with other collections on the Gale Primary Sources platform.