Written by a highly respected author team, Nelson Computing Technology: A Project-Based Approach has been explicitly created to align with the new NESA 7-10 Computing Technology syllabus. This new edition explores each topic through easy to follow, step-by-step learning projects to support different learning abilities.
  • Comprehensively addresses the new NESA 7-10 Computing Technology syllabus.
  • Topics are explored through easy to follow, step-by-step learning projects to support different learning abilities.
  • Project-based learning supports students to identify a problem and then design, produce, and evaluate a solution.
  • In-depth exploration of new developments in technologies and software to expand students’ understanding and analytical skills.
  • Contemporary and engaging case studies and emerging practices.
  • Detailed teaching advice and masterclasses on guiding students through the projects.
  • Bonus projects and material cater for differentiation and provide the relevant knowledge and skills to enable students to succeed in developing their projects further.
For Teachers:
  • Make the course what students need by hiding and rearranging content and activities.
  • Gradebook analytics provide immediate student results and class progress.
  • Masterclass presentations to guide teachers step-by-step through each project.
  • Teaching programs to help you get the most out of Computing Technology.
  • Teaching guides for each project to support teachers step-by-step.
  • Syllabus mapping grids outline how to approach course content across Years 7-10.
  • Data sets to support teachers with data analysis explanations and assessments.
For Students:
  • Concept review quizzes for students to test their knowledge and track their own progress and learning with immediate feedback.
  • Bonus projects that cater to all skill sets.
  • Links to relevant and updated resources.
  • Glossaries to help students revise key concepts.
David Grover has been Head Teacher of Computing at Chatswood High School, New South Wales, and is the author of a number of texts and resources in secondary computing. He conducts many popular workshops for teachers of computing and has been a senior marker for HSC computing. He has had many years of experience in the training of computing teachers at a number of tertiary institutions.

David recently conducted research in the educational applications of augmented reality (AR) for Macquarie University and at present is enjoying combining AR with his 3D printer. He loves sharing his excitement for emerging technologies with his students and many have gone on to enjoy successful careers in animation, games design, robotics and programming.
Leonore Carr has been a computing teacher in NSW since 2010, delivering the full range of courses including Stage 5 IST and IT Multimedia and Stage 6 SDD, IPT and IT Multimedia. She has been the Head Teacher of Computing and Teaching and Learning at Chatswood High School for most of this time leading staff in the development and improvement of programs and resources. In 2016 she lead the Cross Curricular STEM Project at NESA, working with teachers and students across the state to create programs for K-12 that integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths outcomes in engaging activities and projects.