Nelson Outdoor and Environmental Studies VCE Units 1-4 5ed aligns explicitly with the new VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies Study Design (2024-2028), which has undergone major revision.

Written by expert teachers, this new edition guides students through the key knowledge and skills in each Area of Study to support them through the practical and theoretical demands of the course.

The tailored resources integrate up-to-date case studies, exam practice and support for exam preparation, as well as differentiated activities throughout to check for understanding and provide opportunities for revision and extension. 
  • Carefully constructed to meet the requirements of the new VCE Outdoor and Environmental Study Design 2023-2028
  • Written by an expert author team
  • Each chapter has been designed with a clear structure and covers one Area of Study in the new Study Design
  • A detailed exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perspectives on the ways humans relate to outdoor environments in both a historical and contemporary context
  • Practice exam questions for each Area of Study are included at the end of each chapter with exemplar responses and advice on how to craft high-scoring answers provided in Nelson MindTap
  • Tailored exam support to assist students in their preparation for their end of year exams
  • A wide range of activities throughout help students develop and practise their critical thinking skills
  • New activities designed to check for understanding and provide opportunities for revision and extension help support students with the more challenging areas of the new study design
  • Chapter content has been reorganised to meet the key learning outcomes of the new study design.
  • Updated and authentic case studies have been included to broaden students’ understanding and draw links between each key knowledge point.
Teacher Resources

  • Make the course what students need by hiding and rearranging content and activities.
  • Gradebook analytics provide immediate student results and class progress.
  • Scope and sequence programs to help you get the most out of Outdoor and Environmental Studies.
  • Customisable templates to assist in the exploration of all outdoor environments.
  • Links to relevant and updated resources and videos for extra classroom activities and support.
  • Chapter summaries and activities so you can incorporate them at the best point in each student’s learning pathway.
  • Chapter tests and activities that you can incorporate at the best point in each student’s learning pathway.
  • Advice for teachers on teaching ‘unscored' students in Year 12.
Student Resources

  • Worksheets for practice and revision of key skills and concepts.
  • Glossaries and end of chapter summaries to help students revise more efficiently.
  • Key knowledge checks that allow students to explore key skills and concepts.
  • Checklists for students to use to track their progress in attaining the key knowledge and skills covered in each chapter, and to aid them with their revision
  • Exam support, including exemplar answers to the exam questions in the Student Book and key advice on how to prepare and approach the end of year exam.
Leigh Park has taught Outdoor and Environmental Studies for the past 25 years and designed and implemented Outdoor Education programs across both junior and senior schools for the past 30 years. He has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences and has run examination preparation sessions for teachers and students. Leigh has been an Outdoor and Environmental Studies state reviewer and a VCAA assessor since 2004. He is passionate about involving students in their learning to discover more about themselves, to explore the world around them and to develop empathy for others.
Belinda Dalziel has been teaching VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies for 15 years and is passionate and teaching and learning in this subject. She has authored a variety of materials, including examinations, school assessed course work, study guides, and course outlines. With over 13 years of experience as a VCAA examination assessor as well as, leading examination assessment roles. Belinda has extensive knowledge of Outdoor and Environmental Studies. She also played a key role in the review panel for the new VCE Outdoor & Environmental Study Design for 2024, along with teacher support materials. Belinda has shared her expertise by conducting teacher and student development sessions for over a decade for different organisations including VCAA, ACHPER, and other teachers' associations. Belinda enjoys facilitating learning in the outdoors with her students particularly sea kayaking in Westernport Bay and Cross-country skiing and snow camping at Mt Stirling in the Victorian alps. 
Jarrod Paine has taught and delivered the practical component of VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies for over 20 years in a residential outdoor school and in more recent years a completely online school. He has worked in the design, innovation and implementation of Outdoor education programs from pre-school to VCE and spends increasingly more time working as a writer of all things (including children’s picture story books and VCE study designs) as opposed to being backcountry on a ski or mountain bike trip with students. Jarrod lives and breathes education in the outdoors and being outdoors himself on a bike or skis, and strives to connect people of all ages to nature and the essential need to care for it, both for itself and for ourselves. That’s of course when he’s not working as a professional snake catcher!