The new Nelson Product Design and Technologies VCE Units 1-4 has been carefully informed by teacher advice and student feedback, with the focus on inspiring VCE Product Design and Technologies students.

Explicitly aligned to the new VCE Product Design and Technologies Study Design (2024-2027) which has undergone a major revision, this exciting revised edition provides a comprehensive resource that guides students and teachers through the practical and theoretical demands of the course.
  • Explicitly tailored to meet the requirements and outcomes of the new VCE Product Design and Technologies Study Design (2024-2027), which has undergone a major revision.
  • Clear and concise explanations of the Double Diamond design process and in-depth exploration of this four-stage model to assist students in their understanding and application of this new approach
  • Genuine and authentic focus on First Nations peoples’ design perspectives and practices.
  • Contemporary and relevant case studies of local designers, makers and business owners demonstrate the Key Knowledge and Key Skills being explored in the classroom.
  • Previous student work reinforces the Key Knowledge and Key Skills necessary for student success.
  • Detailed planners for each unit to assist teachers and students in balancing the practical and theoretical demands of the subject
  • New exam support ensures students are prepared with exam practice questions, exemplar responses and marking breakdowns.
  • Utilises the language and terminology of the Product Design and Technologies Study Design throughout so students familiarise themselves with key terms.
  • Infographics at the beginning of each chapter clearly break down key concepts that link back to the Study Design.
  • Carefully curated coverage of all materials, textiles and metals and plastics for student engagement.
  • Written by an experienced and well-established author team.
  • Retains the valued features from the previous edition, including the materials chapter.
Teacher Resources

  • Make the course what students need by hiding and rearranging content and activities.
  • Gradebook analytics provide immediate student results and class progress.
  • Scope and sequence programs to help you get the most out of Product Design and Technologies.
  • Customisable graphic organisers and templates to assist in the design process.
  • Links to relevant and updated resources and videos for extra classroom activities and support.
  • Chapter summaries and activities so you can incorporate them at the best point in each student’s learning pathway.
  • Advice for teachers on teaching ‘unscored’ students in Year 12.
Student Resources

  • Chapter quizzes for students to test their knowledge and track their own progress and learning with immediate feedback
  • Worksheets for practice and revision of key skills and concepts.
  • End of chapter summaries to help students revise more efficiently.
  • Customisable graphic organisers and templates to assist in the design process.
  • Updated and curated weblinks.
Jacinta O’Leary has taught Woodwork, Plastics, Junior Electronics and Visual Communication Design in various schools in Victoria. She currently teaches at Distance Education Centre Victoria, where she created courses for Design and Technology in the junior level, VCE Visual Communication Design, VCE Food and Technology and VCE Product Design and Technology.

In 2010 Jacinta was the chief writer for the VCAA review of VCE Product Design & Technology 2012–2017. In 2015 and 2016 she contributed to the VCAA Assessment Criteria for the major task for this subject and she has been an exam assessor for many years. She has been a board member of the Design and Technology Teachers Association Victoria (DATTA Vic) since 2007, writing and editing DATTA Vic teacher support material for VCE Product Design and Technology and giving numerous presentations, both to teachers and students, on the subject.
Jill Livett has been teaching Technology Studies for over 20 years in state and independent schools. During that time, she has taught classes in VCE Wood and Fabrics, and Years 7–10 Design and Technology in the areas of Wood, Metal, Plastics and Fabrics, and Systems Technology. She currently teaches Years 6–9 Design and Technology at Overnewton Anglican Community College.

Jill has supported the teaching of the Design and Technology learning area by organising and presenting workshops, developing curriculum material and organising conferences for DATTA Vic and the VCAA. She has taught Technology Education subjects at a number of universities, and is currently the Vice President of DATTA Vic.